By Marie on HEART

The Psychedelic Flower drop will act as the centerpiece collection that gives you access to the Physital community and future drops of Marie OH’s!




Marie On Heart is releasing her premier collection of 420 completely unique psychedelic flower NFTs!
Reveal date will be announced later on our social medias.


The Psychedelic Flower drop is a FREE mint. In the spirit of the Hispanic Heritage Month we want to make this collection available to as many people as possible. In order to follow our innovative and inclusive philosophy we made the mint available even if you don't have a wallet.


Psychedelic Flowers is released via the Physital Gallery, enabling you to claim a physical copy of your NFT. Simply connect on our platform* to buy a high quality physical print of your NFT. Your NFT is printed on reinforced methacrylate and is available in two formats : 25x25cm and 50x50cm.


Three physical artworks printed on reinforced methacrylate will be offered in 25x25 cm format to the lucky holders of the Pipes categories. The redeem will be done at the end of the mint through our platform*.


Psychedelic Flowers is released under CC License**. This means that you can freely distribute, share and remix the art as long as you credit the author: Marie OnHeart and Physital.


Owning one of these works gives you access to the closed circle of the PHYSITAL community. This grants you access to unique artists and unique collections curated by PHYSITAL gallery.

*Available soon. Details will be announced on our social medias and on this website.
**Link to the license is available here.



We strive to be as transparent as possible regarding the distribution. We keep 42 NFTs out of the supply that will be used primarily for, but not limited to,  giveaways or marketing purposes. We believe that hard work deserves a fair reward and artists are too often not paid enough. That is why we are setting royalties to 10% (excluding platform fees) on every secondary sale.

Pipes X3

Smokers of the Metaverse X1

Purple Haze Thinking Smoker Tie Dye Pipe X1

Stoner Apple Pipe X1

Baggies X60

Dream Green X21

My Smoking Pal X19

Dragonfly Madness X20

Buds X67

The Artist X14

Flower Garden X18

Electric City Bud X15

Pink Skulls X20

Bongs X80

Unicorn Heart X18

One Peaceful World X32

420 Bong X30

Blunts X90

Checkboard Mania X17

Crusher X18

Banana Bee X12

Buzzing Twins X13

Joy From The Sun X17

Strawberry Forever X8

Psycho Rasta X5

Leafs X120

My Little Companion X30

Neon Party X20

Weed of Love X17

Orgullo X23

Newvana X17

Work Hard, Play Harder! X13


Marie On Heart

Deep in the heart of Panama, Marie-Claire Pérez Hammerschlag (going by the artists’ name Marie OnHeart) will be debuting her premier collection of 420 psychedelic flower NFTs! The collection will release via Physital’s Gallery, adding yet more lush and psychedelic art to this epicenter of naturalistic NFT art.

Hailing from Panama City, abstract and multi-faceted artist Marie OnHeart has been creating her art since the pandemic era and has already won multiple awards, including a second-place finish in the Apollo contest from ALAF, an honorable mention in the Roberto Lewis contest, and a Canva Design Challenge. She also received the official Invention License honoring an original artwork from ALAF for her piece titled “Digital Chromatic Piracy.” Her recent digital work explores the boundaries of form and linearity with chaotic, iridescent, and wavy lines that showcase the plurality of being and reflect her personality.

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